About the OCS

I have a feeling you love jewelry, coordinating accessories, and surprise’s ... which means we are going to be best friends.

The OCS is an online jewelry and accessory store based in Manistee, Michigan. I love creating and cultivating elements that will help you take your style from everyday simple to special occasion elegance with ease.  I also love surprises and helping my artist friends grow their businesses.  You will find featured artists in our online store and yes you can order from them too.

Our Jewelry

Our selection of jewelry consists mainly of exclusive collections designed and handmade at our Manistee Michigan studio.  We have also sprinkled in a handful of carefully curated pieces that I have fallen in love with and wanted to share with you.

Thanks to the encouragement from my friend Roxy of “Roxy’s Rocks” I started creating my own jewelry designs. Like many people I have a sensitively to metals, so I really wanted to be able to control the materials and quality of each piece I create for you to wear. Most of my designs are crafted with hypoallergenic, nickel free and lead free metals, Swarovski crystals, and natural stones.

The Team

Our team works very closely together to make the ocs tick – that’s because there’s only TWO of us!  Wait… make that six of us, because our fur babies keep a paw in the mix at all times. (At least while they are awake). Oh… plus an artist friend or two.

Cathy has her hands in literally every part of the business, while David is our shipping and fulfillment department. Plus David is also a woodworking artist.

Cathy & Mom

Cathy Lakos


Coffee or tea

A smooth blend with a lot

of French Vanilla Creamer


Accounting/Business Degree

Continuing Life Lessons Learning

(You know everyday living)



Guilty pleasure

Staying in my PJ’s until 10 am

Makes you happy

My fur babies

Favorite food



Not really, maybe napping

Random fact

My husband can still make me blush

Cathy & David
Cathy & David

David Lakos

CEO Shipping CEO

Fulfilment CEO

Wood Artist

Coffee or tea




Guilty pleasure


Favorite food




either Snow throwing

or mowing the Lawn

Random fact

I love cooking

The Beginning

The OCS started as “Our Creations & Styles” in the 80’s.  Our Creations & Styles was the brain child of my Dad as a way for my Mom and me to sell our crochet and other crafts at craft shows.  

On October 31, 2016, Our Creations & Styles turned into a brick n mortar Plus size fashion store with a partner who had this same goal on her bucket list. Our opening day and ribbon cutting was on March 17, 2017.

I found that I loved being able to help our customers find their confidence building style. I loved watching their heads come up, their shoulders, and their backs straighten up. That special smile spread across their face and emerge from their eyes.  I was so honored to see them get all the feels and bloom right before me. 

Sadly, our closing day was January 31, 2019.  How was I going to continue to help my customers get all the feels and confidence?  Fortunately, during the brick n mortar time I found Renae Christine, and Architect-the ultimate build your own handmade business website.  She gave me and gives me all the feels.  My confidence is blooming and from the ashes of Our Creations & Styles comes the OCS.  This is how I will continue to help my customers.

I’ve always loved jewelry, and coordinating accessories. I believe they do so much for you and your confidence. The jewelry you wear with your outfit can drastically change how it looks, and change how you feel about yourself.


This next year I will be building, sculpting, and molding the OCS into the business of my dreams.  Sit down, buckle in, relax, and enjoy the ride with us.


Big Hugs to you,