We are thrilled that everyone who comes to Our Creations & Styles knows they are getting a unique and personally styled collection of clothing worthy of the curvy beauty that is every lady.

Vicki Cooper & Cathy Lakos

Before we created Our Creations & Styles, we both worked at a seasonal downtown t-shirt store.

Then one day my friend and soon to be partner said… “Let’s open our own business with clothing that fits us.” You see, before we opened the OC&S doors in downtown Manistee, Michigan you either had to go out of town or shop on-line for dressy Curvy lady clothing.
We were both concerned that we maybe specializing in a field that just wasn’t right for our chosen location. You see Manistee is a small Victorian Port City on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Plus size clothing (we prefer Curvy Ladies) are we sure about this?  Not to mention we would be doing this on a shoestring budget.

But then after a summer of market research (asking everyone coming into the T-shirt store what they would like to see added to the store) we believed that our idea would work.  Larger sizes and dressy options tipped the scales so to speak.
We decided to set out to create the most relaxing, and confidence building environment for Curvy Ladies to shop for clothing.
It turns out, the road was a little more difficult than we imagined. You see, one of the partners had to have foot surgery in December and was in a cast for a month, then in a surgical boot right up until opening day!
So the other partner and their families did all the Shoppe prep work.  You know, cleaning, painting, fixture purchasing, building, and more painting.
Then let’s talk about finding suppliers with actual Curvy Lady sizes.
Special Thanks go out to our neighboring store owners for their help in finding contacts, not to mention Renae Christine with her Cupcake Trainings.
Our biggest fears before opening the OC&S doors were what if we didn’t have the right merchandise? What if no one came? How do you write a partnership agreement? Are these business plan directions even in English? What did we think we were doing?
Through it all, we had each other, our families and friends, we opened our doors on March 17, 2017.  People came, and you are continuing to come.  You bring your family and friends, you recommend us to everyone you know, even strangers (you know friends you haven’t gotten to know yet), you are loving our personalized service, our clothing selections, the accessories, and the wonderful local Artists creations that we have for you.

Thank you so much for coming in our door and to our website.